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Fije Miseri, Corn Flakes, 375gr

Euromax – Cookies filled with cocoa cream product Cereals for breakfast Ingredients: cocoa cream product 40% (sugar, hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm fat), cocoa powder with reduced cocoa butter content 8%, skimmed milk powder 5.5%, whey powder, hazelnuts max. 3%, emulsifier: soy lecithin, flavours), wheat semolina, rice grits, sugar, cocoa powder with reduced cocoa butter content and salt. Cocoa cream product contains at least 5% of dry fat-free parts and at least 5% of fat-free milk content. Allergen information: May contain peanuts.  
Nutritional value 100g
Energy value 1800kJ/ 430кcal
Fat 13g
of which saturated fatty acids 5g
Carbohydrates 69g
of which sugars 31g
Proteins 6g
Salt 0.75g